What do you do when your client has one of the longest ice rails in the country? Head out to shred the gnar, hit the fresh pow, catch some air – obviously. Since we’re advertisers by day and professional snowboarders by night, it was an easy decision. We hit the slopes to take you on the wildest ride to the best pizza and freshest drinks OKC has to offer, courtesy of Birra Birra.

And let’s be honest, being the only folks on the mountain ain’t a bad way to start a production day.


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Addy Award


Devon Energy takes their investment in upcoming industry leaders as serious as they take their business. That’s where STEM comes in – science, technology, engineering, and math. 

They know first-hand what can happen when you invest in a kids’ potential, they’ve been doing it for years. They needed a way to bring that kid-centric message to their industry-first audience, demonstrate the impact, and keep the kids at the heart of it all.


Boring buzzwords ain’t it. And sometimes us grown ups forget that. This narrative takes the meat and meaning of the big picture that the adults can see, and thrusts it right into the kids’ world. 

All those aspirational statements like “expanding horizons” and “creating pathways to success” are being lived out in real time. A robotics-loving Girl Scout, a tinker-til-I-get-it cool kid, and a math-whiz of a softball champ show us how they apply their STEM knowledge in their everyday lives.


You wanna see what happens when you equip a determined kid with a 3D printer? They build a rocket and blast it into the stratosphere. Or how about when you teach robotics to a smart-as-a-whip Girl Scout, who then uses that skillset to lend a helping (automated) hand? And don’t tell Olivia that grand slams have nothing to do with physics, she’s about to prove you wrong. 

We helped Devon develop the STEM Your World concept into an integrated campaign across audience touchpoints.